Franchise Inquiry
If you are thinking about starting an ice cream franchise, Tawa Tadka is the best choice. Let us tell you why!

Franchise Terms

  • Non-Refundable fees* for Life Time Franchise Rs. 2.0 Lacs
  • Refundable feest at the time of Final Settlement Rs. 0.5 Lacs.
  • Total cost of Machinery and needed Furniture will be estimated 3.5-4.5 Lacs. Sum of Rs. 5000/- should be given as Royalty* per Month.
  • Location need to be verified and approved by the company.
  • Tawa Tadka will help the franchisee in finalizing the café Location based on Location Study and Experience.
  • POS including Accounting and inventory management system shall be provided by the Company.
  • Marketing & Promotion support Online and Offline.
  • Continuous Training for day to day operation of The café
  • Franchisee will follow The company's Rules and Regulations for Running and Maintenance of The Café.

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