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Tawatadka Icecream

Tawa Icecream


Tawatadka Icecream


Tawa Tadka The Cafe

Over a plate of Handcrafted, Freshly made Ice Cream in totally different way in Hygienic and Modern way...

As well as you can enjoy hygienic delicious food at our outlets. Moreover, we are given best services in parties and occasions. Tawa Tadka Provide a best place where you can arrange your business parties and special events at our outlets and enjoy our Tawa Icecreams and delicious meal.

Our Menu

Tasty And Good Price

Tawa Icecreams
Burger & French Fries
Thickshake & Milkshake

Our Strength

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Established Brand with strong footprint

One of the earliest organized Café chain with experienced management team
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Experienced Management Team

Robust and efficient warehousing & logistic network to meet the supply need of Cafes
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Robust Back-End Operations

Continuously strengthening its IT system for effective and efficient functioning
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Strong Procedures and Control

Brand Promotions through conducting Events, Public Relations, Print and Social Media


What are you waiting for?

Why not join into the community of a bunch of aspiring individuals seeking to create a holistic brand of healthy and the tastiest desserts in the world?

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Tawatadka IcecreamTawatadka Icecream


What our Customer says

Outstanding restaurant. Great quality without the prices of other restaurants of comparable quality. The staff is always pleasant as well

Ruchi patel

I love Ice creams, Cool and smoothy, A heavenly dish which every one want to relish. Ice creams are loved by people of all age group, any caste or religion, any country or region, part of all functions and parties, as its smooth, creamy, cool and makes you chill and enjoy forgetting everything and only concentrating on your ice cream.

Umang Rathi Director

This is a new concept. Ice cream beaten and spread flat then it is rolled and served. Definitely has more quantity and taste is also much better than nitrogen ice cream. Kiwi is the best

Shruti Gohel